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Adrian’s Bio


Who the heck is Adrian Ede

Well I’m glad you asked! My name is Adrian Ede.

I first purchased real estate in 2008 with my fiancée at the time. Four months later the US economy crashed. A lot of people lost a lot of money. Even in Canada the effects were being felt. People were confused, worried and frightened. The housing market slowed right down, and the relatively flat market began to droop. Fortunately for me (heavy Sarcasm here), the crash coincided to the exact month in which my then fiancée cheated on me and I almost lost everything in real estate. After covering basically all of the closing costs, legal fees, and using my life savings as a down payment, we were splitting up and I couldn’t afford to live there alone. We looked into selling, but couldn’t get close to what we purchased it for. Yup, I was royally Screwed!

…Kidding, because luckily for me that wonderful woman had the wherewithal to rent out our condo for a little over a year, and instead of losing my life savings I actually made about ten thousand dollars! I didn’t know it at the time but that was my first positive experience with real estate investing, and a seed was planted within me. My ex was not a professional real estate investor. Neither of us had ever read a book or attended a seminar. Yet with no experience, and minimal effort we not only survived a “market crash” we actually made money during it. The truth is real estate investing is Simple. Now I’m not saying it is always Easy, but it is Simple. It’s simple because people make money in real estate ALL THE TIME and completely by accident! Millions of people buy homes for the purpose of living in them and then sell them years later for significantly more than they purchased them for…anyway, we’ll chat about that more over in my Blog but for now, back to the story of Adrian (that’s me)…

During this time I was successfully pursuing a career as a professional athlete (yes, pro-wrestling is fake, but trust me when I tell you that now more than ever performers must be dedicated athletes to succeed).  You can check me out in action here.  In addition to perfecting my physical game I was simultaneously mastering many inner game to drive myself to the top of a competitive industry.  In 2010 Pro Wrestling Illustrated recognized me as number 301 in their worldwide ranking system, which is pretty cool considering many of my opponents at the time are now featured on TV.  I don’t mention this because I think I’m cool (I recognize that pro wrestling isn’t generally appreciated by anyone over 16 years of age), but chasing this dream taught me a lot about determination and dedication to continually becoming greater in any field or passion.

In 2011 I was forced to readjust my dream due to a nagging knee injury and multiple concussions.  It was around this time that the seed that was planted in my head in 2008 began to sprout.  I became obsessed with studying all kinds of books focused on real estate, investing, spirituality and personal growth.  I was stuck in “analysis paralysis” for several years, but I’m grateful for that experience because I gained a better understanding of how to really analyze a great deal.

In 2014 my wife and I successfully auditioned for an episode of Income Property on HGTV.  You can check this out here.  Not only did we buy our first investment property and create an accessory apartment within it, I was also able to gain some quality mentorship from the man himself Scott McGillivray and his company Keyspire.  From there I was hooked!

We now control over 1.4 million in real estate, and have experience in both single family homes and converting single family homes into 2 unit dwellings.  We started a “We Buy Houses” company to acquire more deals in 2016.  In addition to my real estate investing life I still work a full time job in Durham region, and have an amazing life with my wife Jennifer and son Landon.

The “Real” of Real Abundance stands for Real Estate and Real Wealth, but also represents the fact that I am a Real person.  I’m not the “sage on the stage” or a billion dollar company.  I’m just a regular guy with a family, and a full time job, who is committed to a purposeful pursuit of expanding my knowledge in both real estate and reaching my maximum potential as a person.  I have successfully acquired a highly profitable portfolio of properties and I’ve attracted a network of amazing people around me.  I am excited to help other do the same.

The “Abundance” of Real Abundance represents the Financial Freedom that real estate investing can provide, along with the personal Fulfillment of growing a business and Helping Others.  To us, abundance isn’t just a materialistic goal, but rather an internal energy of Love, Gratitude and Happiness.

“ Abundance is not something we acquire, its something we tune into. ”

Wayne Dyer