Part 3: Week 1 Renovations of the Vertical Split Accessory Apartment with Ryan Carr & Adrian Ede

December 31, 2018

As we enter Week 1 Ryan has already gotten to work renovating the property and changing it from a single family home into two entirely separate, self contained, bi-level units. All of the rooms have been thoughtfully planned out, and the arrangements of cupboards, appliances and fixtures have been mapped out on the floors with spray paint. Ryan teaches us the importance creating flow and functionality within the living spaces, and shows us how he uses a whiteboard to help manage the project. He shows us the freshly cut opening where the new stairs for Unit B will be constructed, and touches on the structural reinforcement of the floor. Ryan finishes the tour by showing us the basement where he’s waterproofed the entire foundation and broken up concrete to run the new drains and venting for the new bathrooms.