Part 4: Week 3 Renovations of the Vertical Split Accessory Apartment with Ryan Carr & Adrian Ede

December 31, 2018

It is now Week 3 of Ryan Carr’s renovations on his Vertical Split Accessory Apartment. Ryan allows us to enter his active construction zone and takes us for another tour of his unique investment property. There’s a tonne of noise and action as the tradespeople are literally walking around in the background (and sometimes in the foreground), but despite all the noise I encourage you to listen closely as this episode is jam packed with Tips and Tricks from a professional general contractor.
Ryan touches on running electrical circuits, laying out his rooms, installing plumbing, the benefits and challenges with a dual furnace/HVAC system, and where he utilizes potlights to save ceiling height, and where he doesn’t to save costs. He discusses his strategy of increasing the building code requirements for fire separation on the vertical wall to allow for additional sound separation that increases tenant-to-tenant privacy and minimizes conflict. We take a look at the vertical firewall that spans all the way up to the bottom of the roof, and Ryan explains a useful fixture to use with main and 2nd floor laundry to prevent water damage. He briefly touches on the additional electrical meter that has been added, and how he likes to install them within a door structure. He explains some lighting requirements to consider when adding an accessory apartment, and teaches how to use vapour barrier or two pound spray foam for insulation and moisture control.