Part 7: Ready to Rent Episode of the Vertical Split Accessory Apartment with Ryan Carr & Adrian Ede

December 31, 2018

It’s finally here! The “reveal” episode of Ryan Carr’s Vertical Split Accessory Apartment in Durham. It’s about Week 8 now and the renovations are winding down. All that’s left is a little cleaning, touch ups, installing appliances and hanging the window covers. This is “Real Life Real Estate Investing”, and we’re not going to wait for the furniture stagers to film this episode because Ryan already has one unit rented and he’ll have the second rented within the week and be onto his next project. This episode features some really neat video montages where we get to see the evolution of this property as it goes from bare studs, to full electrical, plumbing, heating and gas separations, and then finally a beautifully finished product.