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Rent To Owns

Connecting tenant-buyers with Investors

Real Estate Investing is all about creating Win-Win solutions for Investors, Clients, and Tenants!  Our Rent to Own Program does just that!  Check out the Benefits for both Investors and Tenant-Buyers:

Investor Benefits:

  • Increased Cash Flow on a monthly basis
  • Happy Tenants with Pride of Ownership = Minimum tenant relations and maintenance
  • Less upfront Capital (Tenant-Buyer contributes 4-5% of down payment)
  • 1-5 Year Investment with 5% Appreciation “locked in” from the onset ensures investor a 16-33% ROI based on yearly appreciation alone (investors enjoy 100% of market appreciation while only investing 15%)
  • You can help a Tenant Fulfill a Dream of Home Ownership

Tenant-Buyer Benefits:

  • They Choose their own House, rent it from the Investor, and position themselves to Own it at the end of the pre-defined term
  • Rents do not increase year to year
  • Landlords cannot Sell their home
  • Portions of the monthly rent are Auto-Saved as Down Payment Credits, which are credited back at the end toward their down payment
  • The Selling Price is set at the beginning so Tenant-Buyers can set themselves up to succeed. Avoid being out-paced by a rapidly appreciating market
  • Tenant-Buyers can take pride in their home knowing that it will be theirs at the end of the term. They’ll be gaining Equity, Wealth and laying down solid roots for their Family to Live, Grow, and Love Together.

Think Rent to Own could be a good fit for you as an Investor or as a Tenant-Buyer?  Reach out to us, lets see if we can create another Win-Win!

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