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Investment Focused Realtor


I’m a Real Estate Investor first, and a REALTOR second.

I don’t often advertise myself as a “Real Estate Sales Representative” because I’m NOT a Sales Person…I’m an INVESTOR who is passionate about teaching others how to create Massive long-term WEALTH.

I have personally studied and successfully implemented a number of REI (Real Estate Investing) Strategies, including Buy-Reno-Refinance-Rent 2-Unit Conversions, Flips, Buy & Hold Rentals and dabbled in more advanced strategies such as VTB, JV’s, and RTO’s.  My portfolio is over $2 Million and growing.

I can offer my clients both Passive Investment Opportunities, or guide them step-by-step through Buying and Renting an Income Property that is CASH FLOW POSITIVE!

If you’re ready to TAKE ACTION, or even if you’re just looking for some information, Please reach out to us.  Let’s have a chat and discuss how REI might help you reach your goals for Financial Wealth, Financial Freedom and Real ABUNDANCE.

Let’s get Real ABUNDANT, Let’s Connect….

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