Adrian Ede and the Real Abundance Team epitomizes integrity, energy, and a positive attitude to give you a pleasant and professional experience throughout the course of your real estate transaction.

Adrian Ede (Team Leader) is an award-winning REALTOR® with over a decade’s worth of experience in buying, selling and investing in real estate. Within Our Neighbourhood Realty, Adrian achieved the Diamond Drive Award in 2021 and 2022, and proudly received Top Individual Agent in 2021. He practices what he preaches, in addition to helping his clients to buy and sell in Durham Region and surrounding areas, he also own's and manages a multi-million-dollar portfolio of investment properties throughout Clarington, Peterborough and Northumberland with advanced knowledge and experience in Value-Add real estate investing. He proudly treats every transaction as if it were his own and works diligently in providing clients with an exceptional service that has caused his business to flourish by word-of-mouth referrals and repeat business. Whether its Buying, Selling or Investing this team is knowledgeable and have industry partners to ensure you get the “Abundant” results you deserve!

To ensure efficient, complete service to you, the Real Abundance Team, along with our preferred vendors and industry partners, have been carefully selected and trained to form a close-knit “family” offering seamless assistance to you for every aspect of your home purchase or sale! We believe that the market is ever changing and have taken a learning-based attitude. Our top priorities to our clients are to provide up to date information and support along with providing guidance based on our industry experience and connections. When thinking real estate, there’s only one team to consider…

We look forward to providing you with exceptional service and making you one of our raving fans!

Traditional Buying and Selling makes up a large percentage of our business, however we have the added advantage of keeping our fingers on the pulse of the economic factors that investors use to make intelligent decisions as well. Many residences of Durham Region and surrounding areas have witnessed the financial benefits that come with owning real estate in such an in-demand area. If interested, our team can help open the door to a future of Financial Freedom.

The “Real” of Real Abundance stands for Real Estate and Real Wealth, but also represents the fact that we are Real people. Our Team takes more of a consultant role during the course of buying and selling real estate (not the traditional pushy salesperson role). We position buyers and sellers alike to understand the pros and cons of every situation and help guide you towards the strategies and options that best meet your goals.

The “Abundance” of Real Abundance represents the Financial Freedom that real estate can provide, along with the personal Fulfillment of growing a business and Helping Others. To us, abundance isn’t just a materialistic goal, but rather an internal energy of Love, Gratitude and Happiness.


“ Abundance is not something we acquire, it’s something we tune into. ”

— Wayne Dyer