Part 6: Week 6 Renovations of the Vertical Split Accessory Apartment with Ryan Carr & Adrian Ede

December 31, 2018

It is now week 6 of Ryan Carr’s renovations at his Vertical Split Accessory Apartment project in Durham. Ryan treats us to another tour to show how the two separate units are really taking shape with the addition of drywall, flooring, and paint. Ryan is a full time investor and general contractor, and well on his way to becoming a builder. His knowledge in all areas of construction is extensive, and this episode is once again jam packed with useful tips and tricks regarding construction of accessory apartments. Ryan and I have a great little chat about suitable paint choices for rental properties, along with other important finishing choices such as flooring, and kitchen cabinets. You can see the rooms taking shape in both the front and the back unit and it’s clear why this unique strategy is so advantageous. It’s also really neat to see how Ryan has added two of everything to this property. Not just your typical double electrical meters and panels, we’re talking two gas meters, two water meters, two hot water tanks, two separate furnaces and HVAC systems even two driveways!
This is a huge project that takes even more complexity than a typical basement apartment, but we’re excited to see the final episode in two weeks when Ryan shows us how all this hard work translates to a fantastic Return on Investment!

I wanted to apologize as there are some audio issues early on in this episode, we’ll be upgrading our equipment for the final reveal episode.